About Amy Jo

Amy received her first music experience singing hymns in a Methodist church children’s choir while in the third grade. In the fourth grade, she began her first music lessons, learning to play the violin. Then, in the sixth grade, she started guitar lessons, commencing to her first private vocal lessons in the seventh grade.

She immediately began receiving several invitations to sing as a soloist in wedding ceremonies in the local Pennsylvania and surrounding areas of Carlisle where she grew up. While in High school she continued her vocal lessons and entered numerous competitions where she auditioned for and made several district, state, and regional choruses.

At Carlisle High School, she sang for four years in the Choir, the Show Choir, and musicals, and played violin in the orchestra. She won several vocal competitions that led to several collegiate scholarship opportunities both locally and nationally.

Amy choose to attend Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. At Southeastern she enjoyed her academic studies, but especially the opportunity to sing with their premier traveling group New Song. There she experienced what she most loved to do, minister in music in churches all through the Southern states and all the way up and down the East coast.

Roger Breland the famed owner of the groups Truth, 4 HIM, and more recently Natalie Grant, heard Amy sing and immediately invited her to audition for a full-time fall open position with the group Truth. Other positions with groups and worship and praise bands were available at the time as well; however, Amy always desired to pursue the educational side and give back to others with a vision and passion to pass the gift of worship to another generation by helping to train them with their God-given talents.

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